network and Internet services, Davie Florida computer network and Internet consulting services
Davie Florida computer network and Internet consulting service, Davie Florida computer network and Internet consulting services, Davie Florida computer network and Internet consulting services

what we do?

Technology for business development

We fix your computers and your network, work with you on your applications, and design and implement your website and online presence.

Computers, networks, and websites should work together to grow your business. Your investment in technology should bring your customers better service, quicker responses, the most accurate and up-to-date information, and help you pursue a path of continuous improvement in product and process.

Installation, maintenance, training, support

We help you get the most out of your existing investment and help you grow. We specialize in helping small businesses plan and implement hardware and software that helps you become more profitable and more efficient by focusing on customer service- how your website, network, and infrastructure help you provide the best possible service to your customers.

Network-website-social media-marketing

If you're focused on growth and continuous improvement all three of these areas matter. You need to communicate, track, promote, and develop online to attract and retain customers. If potential customers can't find you on the Internet, you're losing to your competitors. If you can't service your customers and provide a quality product, which includes all your customer communications and your quoting, estimating, invoicing, and follow up you're losing to your competitors.

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what`s new?

  • CryptoWall ransomware

    October 2014


    Ransomware, evolving, criminal

    CryptoWall continues the run of encryption malware ransomed through Bitcoin. Businesses are paying the ransom as a business decision- cheaper to pay the criminals than fix or restore.

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  • Computer virus, spyware, adware, ransomware removal in Davie Florida

    Spring 2014


    Ransomware, active threat

    August 2014 update: FireEye and Fox IT have a decryption tool- find it at

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  •, Inc helps keep your network secure from viruses, adware, spyware and other threats. We suggest Webroot.

    Summer 2014

    Russian password hack?

    Headline- Russian gang steals more than a billion Internet user-password combinations. What's the reality?

    Even the New York Times jumped all over this story, and if it gets people to follow some basic best practices, like complex passwords, not using the same password on different sites, and using a password manager like Bruce Schneier's Password Safe, good. But, it's not clear that anyone has been, or will be, directly affected.

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