Technology blog post about technology change

Business in the 21st century left artifacts like typewriters and adding machines behind, curiousities today except for a few places. One, the Georgia Pig, the barbecue restaurant on 441 just north of I-595 (best barbecue I've ever had) and in the same location since 1953, still uses an old lever-operated cash register. No credit cards, no ATM because when they had one they got broken into repeatedly, cash only- and is as fine a business model as you could find. No chance of a technology glitch becaue there isn't any.

The Georgia Pig- no website, some Google reviews, Yelp, the usual... but a restaurant in the transient swirl of South Florida that has stood the test of time. In 1953 441 was a two-lane road, leaving room for a parking lot out front with a big sign. Today, 441 traffic zooms by, a narrow sidewalk away, with room only for a small sandwich board sign. They have a few pictures from those days up on the wall, but here's a business that understood its core product, and market, as well as any giant.

The Georgia Pig perfects their product technology- wood and fire. They perfect their logistics and supply chain to insure ready inventory to convert into product. They perfect their processes- creating and delivering barbecue. Their back office exists right in front of you- paper tickets and the oldest cash register imaginable. Marketing- old style, word of mouth, regulars with substantial customer lifetime value, and I wonder if they even care what gets posted on line.

So do you need technology to grow your business? Maybe it's a choice- make perfect barbecue and support a family and employees for over 60 years in one location, or become the barbecue king of the western world. Or, there's room for both, great local places and giant enterprises. The other side of the coin- if all those who eat there didn't have disposable income because their companies didn't stay current who do you serve? Like a website- it can be the best in the world, but if people can't find you your site isn't growing your business.

Perfect your brand, commit, and use the tools that work for you.

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